Asher & Sylvia Haun - Owners

Pobre Panchos was sold on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 to Asher & Sylvia Haun, a regular customer of the North College Avenue eatery. As part of the sale, Karolyn Bird, owns a small percentage of the business and hopes to fully purchase it from Asher & Sylvia one day.




Karolyn Bird - General Manager

Karolyn's grandfather, Frank Perez, opened the Fort Collins Mexican restaurant in downtown Fort Collins — then known as Panchos — with his mother in 1967 after a stint in the Navy. Then he moved it to North College in 1969. It has been a mainstay in Fort Collins for over 50 years.


Karolyn, 30 years old now, has worked here since she was 12 years old, loving the business as her grandfather did.


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